The ARRL Gainesville VE Team host ham radio license examinations normally on the 1st Saturday of even numbered months.

Test dates for 2022 are:

February 5, 2022 TIME: 13:00
April 2, 2022 TIME: 13:00
June 4, 2022 TIME: 13:00
August 6, 2022 TIME: 13:00
October 1, 2022 TIME: 13:00
December 3, 2022 TIME: 13:00

Our testing session begins at 1:00 p.m. on the Santa Fe College campus near I-75 and NW 39th Ave (exit 390). Please be sure to arrive a little early, as we do not allow late test takers after the test session starts.

If you're mapping the route, use this address for the correct campus:
3000 Northwest 83rd Street, Gainesville, FL 32606

There's a campus map online if you need:

Most of us park on the west side of the campus, nearest the interstate, and walk in between buildings E and M to get to room P-160, where the test is located (the correct side of the breezeway matches up with the north west rectangle of the multi-part Building P on the map).

If you are new to amateur radio, you must pre-register for an FCC Registration Number (FRN) to use instead of your Social Security Number on any of the forms. You can register for an FRN online in about 5 minutes here:

Special exam sessions and disability accommodations can be arranged depending on circumstances and availability of Volunteer Examiners.

All exams are graded immediately on completion and candidates will be informed of the result before they leave. Retesting of a failed exam element is allowed, but this is considered a separate test, which requires an additional $15 exam fee. The VE team provides scratch paper and neccesary forms with the test packet. Calculators are allowed, but may not be programmed with electronic formulas. For more information or to register for an exam contact the VE team liaison:

Alachua County
Amateur Radio License Examinations
Links to testing resources:
Testing Places
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Allan West
352-328-2359 cell