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A club information flyer is available for the benefit of new members of GARS, new hams to the area and the general public a PDF version is available online for printing.

To apply for membership to GARS or to update your membership information (mailing address, callsign, e-mail address), please complete the GARS application form (PDF). Family memberships are available, please complete the GARS family membership form (PDF). You may print the appropriate form and bring the completed form with $45 ($55 for family membership) to the next GARS general meeting, executive board meeting or mail to: P.O. Box 140383, Gainesville, FL 32614.
Info Flyer
GARS Application
Dues are due by January 1st.
Dues are delinquent by April 1st.
Paypal will show a shipping charge which is a Convenience Fee
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Membership Dues
Dues are due by January 1st, delinquent on April 1st.